Japan Partnership for Circular Economy

Japan Partnership for Circular Economy


Collection and battery 3R in Japan

[Company / organization] TOYOTA MOTOR CORPORATION

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From October 2009

Description of technologies and business models

So as to meet the increasing requests for collection of nickel-metal hybrid batteries from dealers and dismantling businesses associated with the increasing use of hybrid vehicles, a safe and effective logistics network was established. In October 2009, the Toyota HV Call Center was established, and the collection and recycling of these batteries were commercialized.

Toyota Group companies and Toyota Tsusho Group companies have collaborated with each other to conduct efficient collection and processing from all over Japan.

[Recycling of HV Batteries]

To ensure a stable supply of good cars to our customers, Toyota is working to deal with rare metals. As part of this effort, we are recycling nickel hydrogen batteries.

Stainless steel raw materials are extracted from used nickel metal hybrid batteries generated in the market to be recycled.

We are also developing advanced sorting and extraction technologies for extracting rare metals such as nickel and cobalt and recycling them to reuse as raw materials for batteries.

[Remanufacturing and Reuse of HV Batteries]

Toyota has inspected and remanufactured end-of-life NiMH batteries removed from hybrid vehicles. We have been reusing them as stationary rechargeable batteries since 2013 and as supply batteries for vehicles since 2014 for the ecological renewable energy.

After reuse, the batteries are put in the recycling flow described above and used as raw materials for stainless steel and batteries.

Achievements and targets

A cumulative total of 212,000 vehicles were recycled, and 13,000 were remanufactured and reused.

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