Japan Partnership for Circular Economy

Japan Partnership for Circular Economy


New Material: Paper-based Barrier Material SHIELDPLUS®

[Company / organization] Nippon Paper Industries Co., Ltd.

Timing of launch

In 2016, we began ramping up our development of applications for our paper-based barrier packaging material SHIELDPLUS®.

Explanation of technology and business model

After it is produced, the contents of a package (especially food)deteriorate chemically, with time and environmental changes. Packaging is therefore required to prevent the permeation of oxygen and water vapor in order to slow the reduction of the commercial value of the contents. SHIELDPLUS® offers barrier functionality granted by applying a barrier coating layer—based on the water-based coating technology for papermaking—onto a paper substrate made completely from wood materials.


I. Oxygen / vapor barrier properties: Excellent barrier properties protect contents and maintain quality

II. Flavor barrier properties: Retains the aroma of the contents and suppresses odor leakage and transfer

III. Environmental compatibility: The base paper is made from wood which is recycable resource.

The lineup includes two grades with different barrier properties.


Standard grade SHIELDPLUS® offers barrier properties equivalent to many types of barrier film, and offers barrier flexion resistance.

■ SHIELDPLUS Premier (under development)

SHIELDPLUS Premier delivers enhanced performance from SHIELDPLUS®, offering barrier properties equivalent to a variety of high barrier film, such as aluminum metallized film.

Performance and targets, etc.

SHIELDPLUS® offers new value as a paper material made from woody resources.