Japan Partnership for Circular Economy

Japan Partnership for Circular Economy


Sound management of mercury waste

[Company / organization] Nomura Kohsan Co., Ltd.

Nomura Kohsan has been treating and recycling mercury waste since 1973 when it was established.

Nomura Kohsan treats used dry cell batteries, used fluorescent lamps and the other mercury waste.

Used dry cell batteries are treated by roasting process in order to vaporize mercury. And then vaporized mercury is recovered through gas treatment process. The batteries after the roasting process are crushed and then ferrous metal is picked up by a powerful magnet. The remaining powder is recovered as residual zinc. Ferrous metal is recycled as raw iron material and residual zinc is recycled as raw zinc material and zinc fertilizer.

Used fluorescent lamps are crushed and separated to the aluminum metallic bases and glasses. The aluminum metallic bases are turned into raw material for aluminum. Glass fragments are washed with water. This process washes away the fluorescent powder and mercury on the glass fragments. The washed glasses are transformed into high quality cullet or reused as glasses for fluorescent lamps, glass wool and raw material for cement. After crushing and washing, the mercury-contained sludge are collected. The sludge is roasted and mercury is recovered.

High mercury content wastes such as sludge are roasted after pre-treatment.

The recovered mercury is purified and produced as high purity mercury and Hg-Reagent

Nomura Kohsan treated 17,000t of used dry cell batteries, 8,400 of used fluorescent lamps and 6,500t of the other mercury waste in 2021.

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