Japan Partnership for Circular Economy

Japan Partnership for Circular Economy


Recycled polyester fiber products "ECOPET"

[Company / organization] TEIJIN FRONTIER CO.,LTD.

Time started (or to be started)

We have been selling recycled polyester "ECOPET" since 1995 and have a sales record of more than 25 years. We sell “ECOPET” with two recycling technologies. One has been a mechanical recycling method since 1995, and the other has been a chemical recycling method since 2000.

Technology and business model

"ECOPET" is a polyester fiber products made from used polyester fiber waste and used PET bottles, etc., which is recycled and manufactured by mechanical recycling and chemical recycling technologies.

Mechanical recycling is a method of making recycled polyester by melting and spinning recycled raw materials (chips) made by crushing and melting collected PET bottles. On the other hand, chemical recycling is a method in which collected PET bottles, fiber waste, etc. are chemically decomposed and refined, and then recycled into recycled polyester.

By combining this recycled polyester with the polyester modification technology that we have accumulated over many years, we are developing hollow and other irregular cross-section fibers, composite yarns, and mixed yarns that exhibit a variety of functionality. Recently, we have also developed and sold ultra-fine nanofibers, and hybrid fibers made from plant-derived materials and recycled polyester.

We are also focusing on promoting the circular economy. For example, we are working on local production for local consumption to make eco-bags and sell them to the same retail stores using polyester fiber "ECOPET" recycled from used PET bottles collected by retail stores. In addition, as an environmental awareness activity for consumers, we have been engaged in activities such as collecting PET bottles and plastic cups at music festival venues and home stadiums of professional sports teams for more than 10 years.

Achievements and goals

The total production of "ECOPET" has reached 500,000 tons since the start of sales in 1995.

Also, the total amount of PET bottles and PET cups collected through environmental awareness activities has reached approximately 68 tons since 2010.

The numerical goal for fiscal 2030 of the environmental strategy "THINK ECO" is that businesses using recycled materials including "eco-pets" should account for 50% or more of the sales of the Teijin Frontier Group.

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