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Japan Partnership for Circular Economy


Adhesive technology

[Company / organization] TEIJIN FRONTIER CO.,LTD.

Sales start

We have been selling the products which is used solvent-free water-based adhesives since 2019. RF-free adhesives are currently under development.

(* R: resorcinol, F: formalin)

Explanation of technology and business model

In rubber product applications such as tires, belts, and hoses, various reinforcing fibers are used for the purpose of providing morphological stability, rigidity, strength, wear resistance, fatigue resistance, etc. that cannot be achieved by rubber alone. In general, it is often used by burying it into rubber or kneading and dispersing it into rubber, and the adhesion of reinforcing fibers to matrix rubber is an indispensable function of the product. Adhesion quality affects the performance of fiber and matrix rubber composites.

Depending on the application, solvent based adhesives that easily impregnate between fibers are applied according to the requirements for bundle cohesion in addition to adhesiveness. However, on the other hand, solvents have a high impact on the environment, so we are developing a new water-based adhesive to replace the solvent and aim to expand it to rubber industries.

On the other hand, so-called RFL (R: resorcinol, F: formalin, L: rubber latex) adhesive is used as a water-based adhesive. It is widely used mainly for polyester, polyamide, aramid fiber, etc. that reinforce tires, belts, and hoses. However, formalin (F) is carcinogenic and resorcinol (R) is irritating to the skin. From this background of its harmful effects, the amount of use and handling of formalin (F) are subject to various laws and regulations in Europe and Japan. In the light of this situation, we are developing a new RF-free adhesives that does not contain RF.

Achievements and goals

Sales target for the products which is used solvent-based water-based adhesives

We have started selling to some customers. Going forward, we will continue to develop products with the aim of expanding applications that meet customer needs.We are aiming for sales of billions of yen in Japan and overseas by 2025, including production at our main factories for reinforcing fibers for belts, Thailand and Japan.

Sales target for the products which is used RF-free adhesives

We startedtrial production of rubber reinforcing fibers using this adhesive in 2020, and will aimto sell 200,000 tons including licensed production in 2028.