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Retread tires that can reuse used tires

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The Bridgestone Group is developing a global retread service in which it collects worn out tires from customers, replaces the worn tread, and delivers tires that are again ready for use. With the acquisition of Bandag in 2006, truck and bus tire businesses are being rolled out globally as a solution that combines new tires, retreads, and maintenance.

Technology and business model

Retreading, which reuses tire casings by replacing the treads of worn tires, is a technology that contributes greatly to reduce the amount of scrap tires since other tire components can be reused.

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Retreading tires can reduce the amount of newly added raw materials used to less than one-third that of new tires, and contribute to improving resource productivity and reducing CO2 emissions.

Based on the premise that Bridgestone tires are used three times by customers, comparing the use of three new tires with the use of one new fuel-efficient tire retreaded twice, the amount of raw materials used and CO2 emissions during the entire life cycle, excluding the use phase, can be reduced by about half.

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The solution business using retread tires is different from the conventional tire sales. It is an environmentally friendly new business model that extends the life of tires and offers cost advantages to customers by combining new tires, retread tires, and tire maintenance to maximize the effective use of these tires.

In particular, Bridgestone is promoting the "Total Package Plan (TPP)", in which Bridgestone manages all tire-related services and customers pay a fixed monthly fee.


Cumulative number of Total Package Plan (TPP) contracts: Approximately 45,000 units (results at the end of 2020)

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