Japan Partnership for Circular Economy

Japan Partnership for Circular Economy


Regeneration of carbon black from used tires and its use for tire production

[Company / organization] Bridgestone Corporation

Time started

From 2014.

Technology and business model

Bridgestone Group has been searching for technologies to convert tires back into raw materials. In partnership with Delta-Energy Group LLC, Bridgestone Americas, Inc. is producing tires that use recovered carbon black (rCB). This material is recovered from end-of-life tires through pyrolysis, or thermal decomposition, as a replacement for virgin carbon black, a raw material used in tires. Using rCB reduces CO2 emissions from carbon black production by 81% compared to virgin materials, while offering similar product performance.

Achievements and goals

In 2020, Bridgestone purchased over 1,200 metric tons of rCB, the equivalent of approximately 380,000 end-of-life tires, resulting in the reduction of approximately 1,900 metric tons of CO2 emissions. Annually, the company targets to increase the use of rCB to 6,800 metric tons and reduce the equivalent of over 10,800 metric tons of CO2 emissions.

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