Japan Partnership for Circular Economy

Japan Partnership for Circular Economy


Design, development, manufacturing and sales of bio-engineering plastic "DURABIO" which is bio-based polycarbonate resin derived mainly from plant-based raw materials

[Company / organization] Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation

Commencement of operation

Autumn 2012, DURABIO production was started for a commercial production at the Fukuoka plant

Technology and business model

DURABIO™ is a bio-based polycarbonate resin whose main raw material is plant-derived isosorbide. It features excellent performance, offering higher resistance to impact, heat, and weather than conventional engineering plastics. DURABIO™ can be simply mixed with pigment to create glossy, highly reflective, and rich hue surfaces – as well its hardness, enhancing durability and scratch resistance. These advantages make it possible to omit a coating process, thereby reducing emissions of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) from paints. In addition, it has excellent transparency and low optical distortion.

MCC will accelerate research and development of DURABIO. MCC will also contribute to the construction of a recycling-oriented society and the achievement of the SDGs by continuous research and development on high-performance products and production of environment-friendly, high value-added products.

Achievements and targets


・DURABIO can be used for smartphone cover, lighting cover, high-quality cosmetic containers because it was evaluated as an environment-friendly material that uses plant-derived raw materials.

・Adopted for exterior/ interior design parts for automotive, radar cover, CASE (*), etc.

(*An acronym for "Connected," "Autonomous," "Share & Services," and "Electric," which indicates the direction of car technology innovation.


Based on the fact that it is an environment-friendly material that uses plant-derived raw materials, we will propose solutions for recycling-oriented society and aim to increase the DURABIO sales by improving impact resistance, heat resistance, and scratch resistance (target:10% increase in annual sales volume)

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