Japan Partnership for Circular Economy

Japan Partnership for Circular Economy


Commercialize Acrylic Resin Molecular Recycling Operations

[Company / organization] Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation


2021 Starting-up of acrylic resin molecular recycling verification facilities(Pilot scale)

2024 Starting-up of commercializing molecular recycling operations

Description of technology and business model

Regarding the polymer decomposition technology, it is being considered to develop new technology including joint development with the outside as well as existing technology, and especially to verify new one with pilot scale facilities. Acrylic resin waste recycling is not only to the waste materials from MCC and MCM acrylic resin manufacturing plants, but also focus on collecting acrylic resin waste the broader market in the future. Molecular recycling MMA (methyl methacrylate) manufactured from the collected waste acrylic resin is used for a raw material of acrylic resin again. And the performance is same as acrylic resin made from fossil based MMA.

Achievements and goals

Since 1997, in MCC, recycling MMA has been manufactured by molecular recycling using only waste materials from its own acrylic resin plant and used as a raw material for the plant, but it was stopped in 2012 from the viewpoint of technical issues and economic efficiency. In 2024, MCC and MCM will start operating commercial recycling plant with technology that solves current issues.

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