Japan Partnership for Circular Economy

Japan Partnership for Circular Economy


Introducing SORPLAS ™, Sony’s Original Flame-Retardant Recycled Plastic, to TV rear covers to reduce the use of virgin plastic by approximately 60%

[Company / organization] Sony Group Corporation and group companies

Starting period

March 2022

Description of technology and business model

Since 2010, Sony has been actively using SORPLAS™, a recycled plastic with a high rate of recycled content, in its design to reduce environmental impact.

It is technically difficult to use it for housing parts that require a high level of appearance, and it had been used only for internal parts. This time, we reviewed the part design, improved the material properties and molding conditions, and since 2021, we have succeeded in adopting the material to the back cover, which has the largest surface area.

TVs are products that have a large environmental impact due to their size and the number of units shipped, but the use of SORPLAS™ for exterior parts, which use a large amount of plastic, has contributed greatly to reducing the environmental impact of the product.

Targets and achievements

For 2021, select BRAVIA XR™ models uses SORPLAS for the rear cover, which has the largest surface area on a TV. For 2022, the number of models using the material has been expanded from two to six with the A95K/A90K/A80K series. While maintaining a high-quality finish, the amount of virgin plastic used has been reduced by approximately 60%* compared to 2018 models.

*Compared with XRJ-55A80K and KJ-55A8F. The product name varies depending on the country of sale, and the products with 60% reduction are only available with certain models and in certain regions. SORPLAS may not be used for parts depending on the time of production.

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