Japan Partnership for Circular Economy

Japan Partnership for Circular Economy


Changing to paper cartons for Consumer Camera Accessories

[Company / organization] Sony Group Corporation and group companies

Starting period

From 2019

Description of technology and business model

Conventional packaging materials for consumer camera accessories used to be plastic such as blister packs to directly show the actual product so that the product characteristics could be easily understood. However, in consideration of environmental consciousness, safety when opening blister packs, cost, etc., we are now promoting the use of paper boxes for individual boxes that allow maximum use of design features

Targets and achievements

As of the end of fiscal year 2020, 105 of the 163 models that used blister packs have been changed to paper boxes, representing a 95% reduction in plastic packaging materials for each model. The switch from blister packs to paper boxes for all consumer camera accessories has been completed by the end of FY2021.

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