Japan Partnership for Circular Economy

Japan Partnership for Circular Economy


Building renovation "TENNOZ Rim"

[Company / organization] Panasonic Corporation

We are promoting the following activities based on a circular economy concept. One example is building renovation: A building that we had used as a showroom and for other purposes for nearly 20 years was renovated through a joint effort with our partners. It has been transformed into a business and commercial complex named TENNOZ Rim*1 which includes a co-working space, studio, laboratory, lounge and café. We consider renovation projects enabling more effective use of existing structures

with additional performance features to be better than activities related to new buildings, as a circular economy business.

We started a food subscription service demonstration*2 in the café in the TENNOZ Rim building. Customers can subscribe to a fixed-rate food service that includes a reusable cup made of resin with a high cellulose fiber content, and they can order one item of food or drink per day served in the reusable cup they bring to the café. This service contributes to the reduction of disposable plastic food containers. The project also helps attract people to the Tennozu area, which is recently promoting itself as a center of culture and arts, and contributes to building a circular economy by disseminating eco-conscious containers and reducing plastic waste.

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