Japan Partnership for Circular Economy

Japan Partnership for Circular Economy


Value networks creation between organizations for circular economy

[Company / organization] Circular Economy Association

Starting date

February 26, 2021

Technologies and business models

We aim to establish the support system on value network creation for circular economy between organizations in accordance with the following approaches.

- To identify what circular economy is and design “circular business” as a circular economy implementation that contributes to achieving circular economies.

- To provide support for organizations and individuals to enhance the implementation of "circular business" and promote collaboration between them.

- To cooperate with relevant organizations worldwide to exchange information for rule-making, which accelerates to achieve circular economies.

Our current activities are as follows.

- To conduct serveys on the implementation of "circular business" and analyze main barriers to the development and implementation of "circular business"

- To organize information exchanges on circular economies and business (e.g. information on use cases and circular economy trends)

- To cooperate with relevant governmental or private organizations (incl. organizations for standardization) regarding circular economies and business

- To establish the technical committees consist of various players and discuss value network creation for circular economy at committee meetings.


We aim to encourage the companies to implement "circular business" and have a vision and business plans for circular economy and sustainable development.

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