Japan Partnership for Circular Economy

Japan Partnership for Circular Economy


The “Mata Aeru (Let’s meet again) Bottle Project” to Promote Horizontal Recycling of PET Bottles

[Company / organization] Suntory Holdings Limited

Time started (or to be started)

The project started in April 2021.

Explanation of the Project


In 2011, Suntory Group became the first in the Japanese soft drink industry to establish a bottle-to-bottle mechanical recycling system*1 for PET bottles (produce), and the following year, in 2012, to introduce PET bottles made of 100% recycled materials (implement). Since then, we have promoted technological innovation over the years, including the development of the world's first Flake to Preform (F-to-P) direct recycling technology*2 that reduces CO2 emissions more than conventional methods (produce), and have put the horizontal recycling of PET bottles to practical use in terms of "producing" and "implementing."

*1 The recycling of PET bottles into new PET bottles. A joint development with Kyoei Industry

*2 A joint development by four companies including Kyoei Industry

<Details of the project>

In order to promote the horizontal recycling of PET bottles in a sustainable manner, in addition to the aforementioned producing and implementing activities, it is necessary to collect fine used PET bottles in cooperation with various stakeholders, and to strengthen efforts to communicate in order to promote waste sorting by consumers. To this end, we named the sustainable PET bottle made of 100% recycled and plant-derived materials the “Mata Aeru (Let’s meet again) Bottle” and created a friendly logo. As the first phase of the project, these PET bottles are being implemented for 650 ml and 600 ml containers of GREEN DAKARA Yasashii Mugicha from April 2021 to further promote horizontal recycling of PET bottles by focused communication to consumers that PET bottles are a resource that can be recycled over again through proper recycling.

Achievements and goals

In April 2021, all 650ml and 600ml PET bottles of GREEN DAKARA Yasashii Mugicha manufactured by Suntory Beverage & Food were changed to Mata Aeru Bottles made of 100% recycled materials. This is expected to reduce the use of virgin petroleum-based plastics by about 4,500 tons per year and reduce CO2 emissions by about 6,200 tons. We will continue to contribute to the realization of a recycling-oriented society by expanding our initiatives to other brands in order to achieve the goal of making PET bottles 100% sustainable by 2030.