Japan Partnership for Circular Economy

Japan Partnership for Circular Economy


Reuse Products Business

[Company / organization] RICOH Company, Ltd.

Date started

Since the introduction of our first recycled copier in 1997, Ricoh has continuously expanded the lineup of recycled models.

Technology and business model

Reconditioning (RC) Machine (Japan)

RC machines are manufactured and sold in Japan.RC machines are recycled products whose parts are guaranteed according to the specified quality standards or replaced of required parts according to the specified quality standards parts.

GreenLineTM products (EU, US and Asia)

Provided to customers as a GreenLineTM series that selects and recycles collected MFPs based on unified standards in each region.

(Refurbished machines business is conducted in China.)

Sales situation

On June 8, 2021, the new "RICOH MP C4504RC SPF/C3004RC SPF" digital full-color recycled MFP were launched.

By selecting, reproducing, and inspecting reused parts, we were able to use reused parts with an average mass ratio of 81%*1 (up from 77% for the previous machine).

In addition to eliminating the process of producing materials and parts we have also reduced CO2 emissions in the manufacturing process by approximately 62%*2 compared to the original equipment by supplying electricity sourced from renewable energy in the assembly process of this product.

Furthermore, the environmental impact of the entire life cycle, including transportation, use, disposal, and recycling, has been reduced by about 19%*2, resulting in a significant reduction in the environmental impact.

* 1. Standard configuration of the main unit (excluding periodic replacement parts)

* 2. For RICOH MP C4504RC SPF. As of June 2021. Research by Ricoh.


Reuse Products


GreenLineTM products (RICOH Industrie France)


Reconditioning (RC) Machine (Japan)