Japan Partnership for Circular Economy

Japan Partnership for Circular Economy


Food Waste Recycling Solution

[Company / organization] NTT BUSINESS SOLUTIONS Well Create Co., Ltd.

Members and their roles, points of cooperation

The Food Waste Recycling Solution is a solution service that contributes to the reduction of food loss and the promotion of food recycling. This service is provided nationwide by NTT BUSINESS SOLUTIONS (abbreviated as NTT-BS), which has an on-site maintenance system for local communications businesses throughout Japan, under an alliance with Well Create Co., Ltd. (called Well Create here). NTT-BS will rent and install high-performance food waste fermentation/decomposition machines developed and manufactured by Well Create to customers and provide services including regular maintenance.

Start date, results, targets, etc.

Since the launch of the service in April 2019, approximately 70 food-related businesses have begun using it nationwide, achieving sales of approximately 1.5 billion yen. We are currently receiving inquiries from many customers and are rapidly expanding our sales.

In the future, we will promote organic farming support using recycled compost and aim to realize a society where recycling becomes common.

Description of technology and business model

Rental of food waste fermentation/decomposition machines for food-related businesses without initial investment and with monthly payments. The food residue generated by each company is fermented and decomposed by microorganisms in the equipment and converted into primary fermentation products.

In addition, the primary fermentation products are transported to a recycling center, where they are matured by aging and fermenting (Secondary and tertiary fermentation), and then supplied to local farmers and crop producers. This is a solution that contributes to the reduction of costs and CO2 emissions for business operators while creating a food resource circulation loop in the region where agricultural products are provided from crop producers to food-related business operators.

Customers: Food-related businesses (Wholesale markets, food wholesalers, food processing companies, food retailers, food service industries, etc.)

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