Japan Partnership for Circular Economy

Japan Partnership for Circular Economy


Development and demonstration project of new biomass and biodegradable plastic films for agriculture

[Company / organization] Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation

Members, their roles, and points of collaboration

The National Agriculture and Food Research Organization: Evaluation of biodegradability and collection of basic information for stable production of enzymes

Kanagawa Agricultural Technology Center: Field demonstration

University of Shizuoka: Collection of basic information related to the production of enzymes.

Ibaraki Agricultural Comprehensive Center: Field demonstration

Yamanashi Agricultural Technology Center: Field demonstration

Mitsubishi Chemical Agri Dream Co., Ltd.: Development of new film and cost reduction

Start year


Technologies and business models

"Demonstration project for plastics resource circulation system for decarbonized society" by Ministry of the Environment of Japan.

The objective of this project is to promote a new agricultural and social system that increases and stabilizes agricultural production while minimizing the environmental impact of energy-derived carbon dioxide emissions and plastic waste.

Actual results, targets, etc.

We will try to improve biodegradable plastic mulching films to substitute petroleum ones and control their degradation by selecting appropriate composition of biodegradable plastics and enzyme technologies. Furthermore, we will demonstrate that they are effective in vegetable production. Life cycle and economic evaluations will also be conducted to help promote this system.