Japan Partnership for Circular Economy

Japan Partnership for Circular Economy


Utilization of waste food for power generation revenue and waste reduction by recycling

[Company / organization] Yanmar Holdings Co., LTD. Panasonic Construction Engineering Co., Ltd. Chiyoda Manufacturing Ltd.


・Panasonic Construction Engineering:Planning

・CHIYODA MANUFACTURING:Food residue fermenter

・YANMAR ENERGY SYSTEM:Biogas Micro-cogeneration system

Start time

・March 2018:Equipment introduction for YAMATOGAWA SHOKUSAN .Ltd

technology and business model

Every day, about 10 tons of waste food is generated in the production of cut vegetables, which poses a problem in terms of waste treatment.

The food residue is used to generate flammable digestive gas in a fermenter, and the generated biogas is used as fuel to operate a biogas micro-cogeneration system to generate electricity and heat.

The generated electricity is sold under the feed-in tariff system, and the heat is used for heating the fermenter, so that biogas can be used without waste.

In addition, the amount of waste after fermentation is reduced to about 1/10 of the amount before fermentation, and a method of utilizing it as fertilizer is also being studied.(During verification)

Other achievements

In addition, the system has been introduced at food processing factories and food waste treatment plants near Osaka.