Japan Partnership for Circular Economy

Japan Partnership for Circular Economy


CHP generation business and carbon fixing through soil restoration with rice husk charcoal carbon

[Company / organization] Yanmar Holdings Co., LTD. FUKUHARAFARM Ltd.



Start time

・August 2019 Demonstration test started

technology and business model

Some of the rice husks produced in rice farming are treated by mixing them with soil, but most of them were discarded without being effectively utilized.

In order to solve these problems, FUKUHARA FARM and YANMAR ENERGY SYSTEM are proceeding with a demonstration test of a rice husk gasification power generation system that supplies heat and electricity.

This system generates gas by incompletely burning rice husks and uses the gas as fuel to generate electricity. Normally, the rice husk charcoal residue discharged from rice husk gasifier contains crystalline silica which is harmful substance. However, using the patented technology developed by YANMAR, we have realized gasification that does not generate crystalline silica.

In addition, rice husk charcoal is a known biochar used in carbon-negative technology, and when mixed with soil, it has the effect of improving the soil by aiding water retention activating soil microorganisms, while fixing carbon toward a carbon-free society. In addition, since it contains soluble silicic acid and potassium peculiar to rice husk charcoal, it is effective as a fertilizer and leads to resource-recycling agriculture.


Yanmar effectively utilizes discarded rice husks in renewable energy, and further utilizes the by-product in a carbon fixing solution, to realize carbon neutral renewable energy, and carbon negative biochar carbon fixation to support the realization of circular economy for environmental management.