Japan Partnership for Circular Economy

Japan Partnership for Circular Economy


Dow-Toppan Circular Economy Project for International Sports Competitions

[Company / organization] TOPPAN INC. Dow Chemical Japan Limited

Members, Member Roles, Point of Collaboration.


・Dow Chemical Japan: Provision of olefin-based resins.

・TOPPAN: Development and sales of decorative materials (for event banners) using olefin-based resins.

<Point of Collaboration>

The two companies signed an MOU for a long-term strategic partnership for International Sports Competitions, which increased opportunities for new business development.

After use, the decorative materials will be collected and recycled into flower pots, etc., with identification plates as proof of recycling, and will be provided to schools and municipalities for educational purposes (Legacy Project).

In addition to contributing to the circular economy by recycling decorative materials that are often simply disposed of after use, it is also expected to reduce carbon dioxide emissions by substituting virgin materials when disposing of waste and manufacturing recycled products, and it will be verified by a third party.

Start Date (planned), etc.

・Decorative materials display period: May - September.

・Collection and recycling period: September to December

・Donation to related municipalities: End of December

Description of Technology & Business Model.

The newly developed decorative material consists of a single type of plastic, which enhances the recyclability of the film compared to waterproof sheets (tarpaulin / composite material) commonly used for banners.

This material will be used to make signs and banners, which will be collected after use at the event, re-pelletized as recycled resin and converted into flowerpots and other products. It can also be mixed with materials from wood waste to produce composite wood-plastic construction materials for benches and floors.

Achievements and Goals

At the same time as taking advantage of the technology for making recycled materials developed through this joint effort, we will promote research and promote the development of various film and molded products. In 2025, we aim to achieve a turnover of 2 billion yen including related orders.

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