Japan Partnership for Circular Economy

Japan Partnership for Circular Economy


Offering of expense insurance policy that contributes to the reduction of food loss

[Company / organization] Sompo Japan Insurance Inc. Second Harvest Japan

With the aim of creating a system that contributes to the reduction of food loss. Under the collaboration with Second Harvest Japan, the first food bank in Japan, we Sompo Japan have added to our line-up an insurance policy to cover the cost for donating food which lacked its marketability due to various reasons despite its edibility, to the food banks.

Because of the accidents and troubles that occurred during transportation, there appears tons of food with unacknowledged value despite the fact that food itself suffers no damage.

At the same time, solving the issue of food loss is one of the most challenging Sustainable Development Goals of which food industry faces.

In the context of these circumstances, starting from November 2019, for the clients in Food-related businesses, we have been offering the insurance policy which covers the donation cost of food with less marketability to Second Harvest Japan. Food donated to Second Harvest Japan will be utilized to support the families in need.

The system sprung from the idea of one of our personnel who participated in the seminar program about the "Food Loss" from the series of Public Seminars on the Environment of which we have been organizing with SOMPO Environment Foundation and Japan Environmental Education Forum since 1993. We recognize this as a prominent example of our group synergy effect.

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Our efforts for the sustainable food supply.

(Industry-first) Launch of the expense insurance policy that contributes to the reduction of food loss.