Japan Partnership for Circular Economy

Japan Partnership for Circular Economy


Initiatives to realize circular type society through automobile

[Company / organization] Sompo Japan Insurance Inc. DeNA SOMPO Mobility akippa Inc.

"Ecological Project"

We promote the following under the objective to reduce the amount of industrial waste when our automobile policy holders are in need of car repair due to accidents.

・Recommendation for the use of recycled automobile parts at the repairment.

・Recycling of removed automobile parts.

Thorough above efforts, we contribute to the reduction of both industrial waste and CO2 emissions and also contribute to the awareness rising of global environmental issues among our policy holders and the various stakeholders relating to car repairment.

Offering of insurance policy disigned for interindividual car sharing and parking space sharing

Launched on April 2019, we have started to offer DeNA SOMPO Mobility, the joint company of SOMPO Holdings and DeNA, an automobile policy by the hour disigned for interindividual car sharing.

And on October same year, we have had Akippa, the largest parking space sharing company as our relating company and started to actively promote the parking space sharing business. For the sake of comfortability for both the owner and the user of the parking space, Sompo Japan and Akippa originally co-developed the "parking space sharing insurance policy".

Within the terms of use for the parking space sharing service that Akippa provides, it is obligatery for the users to get automobile insurance under the assumption of any troubles that might occurbetween the owner and the users.

Through the supporting activities for the creation ofsafe and secure car sharing and parking space sharing business markets mentioned above, we strive to realize both the recycling-oriented and the low carbon society.


Sompo Japan SDGs booklet 2020 (p24-25)