Japan Partnership for Circular Economy

Japan Partnership for Circular Economy


Considering Collaborating with DIC Corporation to Realize Chemical Recycling

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Basic values and policies for initiatives towards circular economy

FP Corporation believes that expansion of recycling activities is one of the most effective measures against climate changes and ocean plastic issue and is steadily executing its "FPCO Method recycling" of "Tray to Tray" and "Bottle to Tray" which have been established by FP Corporation as mono-material recycling systems.Furthermore, FP Corporation started to collaborate investigate chemical recycling technologies with DIC Corporation (DIC) in order to realize complete circular recycling of foamed polystyrene containers.

Market opportunities and our strengths in circular business

Polystyrene is a suitable material for chemical recycling as it is easily depolymerized (break into building block of polystyrene) under controlled heated condition.

Polystyrene made from styrene which is manufactured by chemical recycling has the same quality and safety with conventional crude oil-derived polystyrene; and therefore, it could be widely used without limitations.

business model

DIC and FP Corporation will strive to realize complete circular recycling of polystyrene products by a potential joint venture or any other means by the companies to recycle colored foamed polystyrene containers, which are now recycled into non-food contact items, back into food contact containers.Furthermore, the companies are considering to build a test plant at Yokkaichi Plant of DIC.

In the project, 9,600 collection sites for post-consumer food containers of "FPCO Method recycling" system will be utilized. The collaborate operated chemical recycling plant will chemically recycle colored foamed polystyrene containers into styrene monomer.DIC will make polystyrene from the monomer.FP Corporation will manufacture food containers from such polystyrene.Together with current mechanical recycling by FP Corporation, we try to realize complete circular recycling of foamed containers, to utilize post-consumer food containers and to reduce CO2 emission by a lifecycle of food containers.

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DIC and FPCO explore collaboration in the Practical Implementation of a Closed-Loop Recycling System for Polystyrene that employs Chemical Recycling