Japan Partnership for Circular Economy

Japan Partnership for Circular Economy


Resource Recycling Project

[Company / organization] NEION Film Coatings Corp.Mitsui Bussan Chemicals ., LTDTOPPAN INFOMEDIA CO., LTD.

members, roles, and points of cooperation

・NEION Film Coatings Corp.

Design and manufacture of label base materials. Collection and quality

check of used release film.

・Raw material manufacturer (to be disclosed in December)

Recycling of collected materials and manufacture of film.

・Mitsui Bussan Chemicals ., LTD

Proposals to brand owners. Organize sales activities.


Confirmation of printing, molding, and labeler suitability.

Starting date (planned), etc.

Test operation and label sales have already started.

Collection scheme is scheduled to start mass production in April 2022.

Explanation of the technology and business model

A material called release paper is used for the label mount. This release paper is an indispensable material in the printing and molding processes, but in many cases it is removed and discarded before reaching the consumer.

The amount of paper discarded in the domestic market amounts to more than 100 million square meters per month. (According to our research) 

By replacing the release paper with a recyclable release film, we have established a recycling scheme that enables the collection and recycling of this paper, which is used again as a raw material for the release film..

Achievements, goals, etc.


Development was completed with the same performance and cost as conventional products (compared to NEION Film Coatings Corp. internal comparison).

Verified the same processing suitability as conventional products in printing and molding processes.

Verified labeler suitability equivalent to conventional products.

Started test operation with multiple users.


With the participation of many users, we would like to change the label mount paper, which is usually discarded to "recycling as a matter of course".

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