Japan Partnership for Circular Economy

Japan Partnership for Circular Economy


Initiatives to Reduce Packaging Materials

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Examples of Packaging Materials Reduction

Development of crush-proof cushioning technique achieved in one single cardboard for products of different sizes

Sanitary ware is hard and less prone to scratching and dents; on the other hand, such products are heavy and can be fragile. Therefore, although they require cushioning materials, it was hard to share one cushioning material among products with different product numbers, and we had to design and prepare different packaging materials for different products. Using GFG processing, a patented technology from Nichiei-Shikosha Co., Ltd., and Nippon Tokan Package Co., Ltd., we now have designed a cushioning material with stoppers.

Also, in the traditional packaging, we used to use a lot of packaging materials to prevent products from moving. However, by creating an uneven surface, we managed to achieve the following effects:

• Reduced cardboard use and CO2 emissions by 16%.

• Succeeded in designing one cushioning material that fits all product sizes.

• Developed a common packaging for three products

Cushioning material with stoppers (outwardly-projecting part)

Reduced use of cardboard