Japan Partnership for Circular Economy

Japan Partnership for Circular Economy


Used Diaper Recycling Project

[Company / organization] ZUIKO CORPORATION

Launch of the business

We started activities regarding used diaper recycling systems in 2021 out of concern that diaper usage was continuouly growing and that incinerating or using landfills only create CO2 or harmful greenhouse gases such as methane.

Description of technology and business model

The used disposable diaper recycling system makes it possible to use disposed diapers as fuel. The used diapers are placed into the machine which automatically crushes, sterilizes, and dries the material reducing its weight ot 1/3 the original and converting it into fluffy chips. The chips can then be safely processed into fuel pellets which can be burned in biomass boilers and used as energy. The maximum amount of fuel pellets processed per day can heat approximately 980 cubic meters of space. Products similar to used disposable diapers (incontinence pads, bed sheets, etc.) can also be processed.

Achievements and goal

Systems have been installed and are in operation at a few local municipal facilties in Japan. The energy provided by the system fuels help heat water at public bathing facilities in the local area. The goal is to expand into overseas markets and domestically in Japan.