Japan Partnership for Circular Economy

Japan Partnership for Circular Economy


No Plastic in the individual packaging; "Xperia PRO-I", "Xperia 1 III" (SIM-free model)

[Company / organization] Sony Group Corporation

Starting period

Oct 2021

Description of technology and business model

Xperia has so far reduced the use of plastic in packaging, eliminating plastic components or replacing them with paper materials.

The "Xperia PRO-I" announced in October 2021 is the first Xperia™ to use no plastic* in the individual packaging by using paper as the packaging materials that directly wraps the product itself. The "Xperia 1 III" (SIM-free model) announced on the same day also replaces plastic with paper, specifically in-box trays, spacers, wraps and sleeves, as well as replaces plastic film lamination with abrasion-resistant varnish. In addition, the packing wrap for the USB cable included in the package has been replaced film with paper sleeve to achieve use of no plastic* in the individual packaging.

*Coating and adhesive materials excluded.