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Japan Partnership for Circular Economy


Recycling Vinyl Window Frame Cutting Scrap - Recycling into Double Glazing Gasket -

[Company / organization] YKK AP Inc.

Time started (or to be started)

In 2019, we began recycling scrap materials (polyvinyl chloride: PVC) generated in-house during the manufacturing of vinyl windows into raw materials for gaskets.

Technology and business model

YKK AP manufactures and sells vinyl windows that excel in heat-insulation/shielding, providing society with products that contribute to energy saving.

Vinyl windows are manufactured by cutting long, thin, vinyl chloride resin into a specified length and combining it with double- or triple-glazed glass. Cutting scrap of resin generated during the manufacturing process is separately collected and recycled into vinyl profiles. Moreover, since FY2019, we have recycled them also into raw materials for gaskets used in our in-house production of double-glazed glass. We annually produce 179 t of recycled gaskets, equivalent to approximately 334,000 windows.

We thus ensure stable recycling of cutting scrap through in-house use without being affected by the market. We will continue to discover new usages and expand the scope of recycling.

Achievements and goals

In 2019 when we launched this initiative, we started using 10% of recycled materials in one production line. We have gradually increased the volume and currently have a recycling rate of 100%.

We will expand the scope of use of recycled materials to other production lines in the future.

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