Japan Partnership for Circular Economy

Japan Partnership for Circular Economy


ApeosPort-VI C RC" series of recycled full-color digital multifunction devices that use reusable parts for 84% of the main unit weight

[Company / organization] FUJIFILM Business Innovation Corp.

Time started (or to be started) 

Since 1995, FUJIFILM Business Innovation began collecting, reusing, and recycling used products, and launched remanufactured digital multifunction products as the ApeosPort-VI C RC series in September 2022.

Technology and business model

The ApeosPort-VI C RC series are remanufactured products, which are products that have been used by customers, collected, and parts reused according to predetermined standards to guarantee the same quality and reliability as newly manufactured products. In addition to helping our customers transition to a recycling-oriented society, we also utilize the remanufactured products in our Managed Print Services.

Achievements and targets

Based on the policy that "used products are valuable resources, not waste," we reuse used products collected from customers according to predetermined standards to guarantee quality and reliability. We actively reuse used products which are disassembled and cleaned. Parts that do not meet a certain quality standard are replaced. The "ApeosPort-VI C RC" series reduce environmental impact with their parts reuse rate of 84% (by weight) (*1) By reducing the number of new parts in the printers, CO2 emissions related to the procurement of raw materials for the product have been reduced by up to 76% (*3) compared to the new model (*2). Furthermore, CO2 emissions reduced to 56% (*3) compared to newly manufactured printers throughout their product lifecycles. 

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