Japan Partnership for Circular Economy

Japan Partnership for Circular Economy


Closed-Loop-Recycling of P-Con

[Company / organization] OKABE Co., Ltd.

Time started 

The collection of used P-Con in the Kanto region begun in October 2022, and "EcoP-Con", which is made of materials recycled from collected products, was launched in September 2023.

We plan to expand the collection area and increase both collection and sales volume in the future.

Technology and business model

- Outline

In the Kanto region, we have begun collecting used P-Con manufactured by our company, recycling it through material recycling, and selling the P-Con blended with the material as "EcoP-Con". Closed-loop recycling is an essential element in achieving a circular economy.

- Collection and Recycling

We have obtained wide-area certification (No. 302) by the Ministry of the Environment, and together with our partner companies, we collect P-Con in accordance with the Waste Disposal and Public Cleansing Law. The collected P-Con is separated into steel and plastic at our plant, and the steel is recycled in the city while the plastic is outsourced to our partner companies. If disposed of, incineration would cause greenhouse gas emissions and other negative effects, but by collecting and recycling the waste, we are able to minimize these negative effects.

- About EcoP-Con

We sell "EcoP-Con," which is made from recycled P-Con that has been recovered and recycled back into P-Con again. Since general recycled plastics are made from various standards of waste plastics, it is difficult to ensure their quality, and the construction industry doesn't have a good impression of them. However, since "EcoP-Con" is made from P-Con manufactured by us, we have been able to ensure stable quality as normal P-Con. This initiative will reduce the procurement of new materials and realize effective use of finite resources.

Achievements and goals

500,000 pieces were collected and recycled in the first half of 2023.

The target for the full year of 2024 is to collect and recycle 1.5 million pieces.

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