Japan Partnership for Circular Economy

Japan Partnership for Circular Economy


Upcycling of waste plastic in collaboration with local government

[Company / organization] S.lab Inc.

Constituent members, their roles, and points of cooperation


Kamakura City: Collection of used plastic resources from citizens

Keio University: Overall project management and raw material development, printing operation and design for 3D printing

S.lab Inc.: Joint development and providing pellet type 3D printing equipment

・Points of collaboration

We aim to upcycle used plastic materials which is collected from local communities with a high added-value 3D printer. We make it easier to carry out these activities by collaborating with local government.

There are also many private companies that cooperate and provide technical assistance in our activities.

Activity start date

From June 2022

Activities overview

In order to resolve the issue of plastic waste, we have established the "RecyCreation Lab" in Kamakura City as a co-creation base for industry, academia, and government. We conduct research and development of high value-added upcycling of plastic waste as well as educating the local citizens about circular economy.

We also study traceability system of plastic component which is used in commercially products and encourage manufacturers to disclose plastic material information to their customers. Not only recycle materials, we focus on biodegradable resins as well.

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