Japan Partnership for Circular Economy

Japan Partnership for Circular Economy


Basic values and policies of Water Stand Co., Ltd. for circular economy initiatives

Our users can drink water that tastes as good as bottled water through our "Water Stand" water server, which is directly

connected to the water supply, for a fixed rental fee. We take care of everything from installation to maintenance and

after-sales service during the rental period to ensure the safety and security of "Water Stand". Not only do customers

no longer have to invest in purchasing bottled water, but they also no longer have to spend the time and money that they

used to take for granted in order to drink pure water.

Our goal is not to improve one part of consumption process, such as "reducing waste”. Our goal is to review the entire

consumption process of producing, transporting, consuming, collecting, and recycling one-way plastic bottles, and to

work toward transforming the linear economy of making and throwing away plastic bottles into a circular (recycling)


Market opportunities in the recycling-oriented business and the strengths of Water Stand Co.

Approximately 25 billion bottles of bottled water are annually consumed in Japan. Consumers pay for bottled water

depending upon the number of bottles. The rental fee for the “Water Stand” is a fixed amount per month, and there are

many functional advantages.

Customers no longer need to request a bottle delivery, to wait for the bottle to be delivered, to set the heavy bottle

on the server, to keep the bottle in stock, and to dispose one-way bottles. Beyond these market potential of “Water

Stand”, we have sales offices all over Japan and have strong partnerships with users, local companies, and local


Setting of indicators and targets

In February 2020, Water Stand Co., Ltd. set a mission to reduce the number of disposable plastic bottles by 3 billion by

2030. In the past, our company was also involved in the bottled water server business, but in 2018, we shifted our core

business to the water server business directly connected to the water supply and changed our company name. The number of

disposable plastic bottles reduced and the amount of CO2 emissions curbed by the reduction are estimated based on the

number of “Water Stand” installed, and disclosed starting in 2020.


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