Japan Partnership for Circular Economy

Japan Partnership for Circular Economy

Tokyo Board Industries CO.,LTD

Basic values and policies for corporate efforts toward the circular economy.

①Our company is a required enterprise for material recycling of waste wood. Thus, the business activity itself is classified into a circular economy which is one of mission statement of the organization. The concept of the circular economy is reflected in the management philosophy and the highest policy of our mission statement. 【Management philosophy is “Creating the future of the global environment through recycling”】

②Our business is the circular economy itself based on corporate governance. When we recycle waste wood, we charge a disposal fee and repurpose it production which leads to cut purchase cost of raw materials. As a result, the disposal fee secures economic efficiency and increases corporate value.

Market opportunities and company advantage in cyclical businesses

Our products are wooden boards fitting JIS requirement and has been introduced to the new market as a structural panel for walls of detached houses and base materials of floor for condominiums. As main base materials of walls and floor for detached houses have been a plywood made of lauan and relatives which have significant environmental impact on the blue planet due to destructive and illegal logging. However plywood still continues to use in a major part of the market. If our particle board were used more in the market, the effect would lead to the circular economy and contribute to the regeneration of tropical forest. Since 1998, we have signed an agreement with a major general contractor for wood resource recycling, we have provided guidance on waste separation at construction sites. We have been creating a cyclical society consists of sorting of waste wood, collecting, particle production (recycling), manufacturing of particle board and delivery to a construction site. We also collect waste wood on the way back. In addition, we acquired the EPD (Type III) for our product and released it in May 2004.

Setting Indicators / goals

As we treat global warming as a risk and great opportunity to increase the amount of stocked carbon in wood, we have set targets of increase for the amount of waste wood receiving and the production and sales of particle board made of them.

Implementation system

Our business activities themselves are not a linear economy but a circular economy. The board of directors monitors the activities and correct problems if necessary. The management layer always struggles actively on finding solution of problems and follow the PDCA cycle toward the value creation story. The fixed amount of CO2 by the relevant institution is also disclosed to shareholders at the time of settlement of accounts.

In addition, education about "recycling chain" is provided to managers (persons in charge of their own department in the circular economy), and it is shared between managers and department staff.

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