Japan Partnership for Circular Economy

Japan Partnership for Circular Economy

Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

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Basic values and policies for initiatives towards circular economy

The Mitsubishi Electric Group is addressing diversifying social issues through our products, systems, and services,

working to create values i.e. "society that achieves both sustainability and safe, secure, and comfortable lifestyles",

and pursuing sustainable growth for entire group. Bringing sustainable society by circular economy, etc. contributes to

the solution of resource/energy issues, which is in line with the pursuit of the Group perspective and thus is one of

the key items for us. In addition, its long-term perspective for environmental management, "Environmental Vision 2021",

lists contributions to forming recycling-based society as one of the items to be addressed. Also, in "Environmental

Sustainability Vision 2050" starting in 2021, "Resource circulation" is one of key activities.

Market opportunities and our strengths in circular business

The Group has a wide range of businesses as General Electronics Manufacturer. Our strength is a wide range of products,

services, and solutions that contribute to solving social issues coming from climate change and resource/energy

problems. We have both short and long term sustainable growth opportunities by solving them.

Setting indices/targets

As the Group identifies realization of sustainable society as one of its materialities, we formulate and work on our

plans. In group-wide environmental plan, 9th Environmental Plan which sets fiscal 2021 as the final year, we established

KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) to enhance our efforts on "Reducing resource input," "Control of waste generation,"

and "Using water effectively" for realization of recycling-based society, and expect to achieve these targets and KPIs.

In future, in addition to current activities, we will work to visualize the contribution level of the resource recycling

toward circular economy and promote use of recycled materials.

Implementation system

The Group formulates three-year environmental plan for entire group based on its management strategy and environmental

vision. We implement corporate activities to address environmental issues such as climate change and resource/energy

problems. In the environmental plan, the targets are quantitatively set, and the executive officer of total productivity

management and environmental programs formulates the plan and shares it with each organization in the group. Each

organization formulates its own annual Environmental Implementation Plan based on the three-year plan and carries out

its business.

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