Japan Partnership for Circular Economy

Japan Partnership for Circular Economy


Medium- to long-term policy and vision to forming a circular economy

<Konica Minolta Environmental Policy>

The Konica Minolta Group aims to promote sustainable development and profitable growth. We integrate environmental,

economic and social perspectives into our business strategies so that our business activities are implemented in harmony

with human lives and with the environment in all aspects.

<Initiatives toward a recycling-oriented society>

We are always reviewing what we can do as a corporate citizen in order to create recycling-oriented society while

striving for minimizing consumption of natural resources and promoting "Zero Waste Emission" activities. In addition, we

will accelerate initiatives for the recovery and recycling of end-of-life products and packaging materials.

<Long-Term Environmental Target Eco Vision 2050>

・Promote recycling and effective use of Earth's limited resources

<Vision for 2030>

・Promote the effective use of resources at Konica Minolta, while also helping corporate clients and suppliers to achieve

effective use.

Konica Minolta's approach

By facilitating connected workplaces, on-demand production, and imaging IoT, Konica Minolta will promote work-style and

manufacturing-process reforms that help make even more effective use of customer and society resources.

In the field of commercial printing, the company is providing support for the transition to on-demand printing, thereby

transforming the business model of mass production and disposal. The widespread use of Konica Minolta products for

small-batch, decentralized printing can accelerate innovation in the printing supply chain while helping to conserve

resources and reduce waste.

Leveraging DX technologies, Konica Minolta will also promote collaboration with even more corporate clients and business

partners, taking on the challenge of broad-scale environmental impact reduction. It will promote the creation of

circular models linked to business models. Examples of this include the digitization of the Green Supplier Activities

that provide business partners with Konica Minolta environmental expertise, and the utilization of recycled materials to

help reduce society's waste as a whole.

Medium-Term Sustainability Strategy 2022

Businesses activities: Effective use of resources by transforming customer business processes

Internal action: Effective use of resources relating to Konica Minolta sites, suppliers, products and services

Environment Management

The President has ultimate responsibility for and authority over all environmental management and is also accountable

for its effectiveness. The President appoints the Group Executive for Corporate Sustainability (Group Sustainability

Management Representative) to execute sustainability management and handle sustainability and environmental measures.

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