Japan Partnership for Circular Economy

Japan Partnership for Circular Economy

Nomura Kohsan Co., Ltd.

Nomura Kohsan was established in 1973 and has been treating mercury waste based on the mercury refining technology. We contribute to develop the circular economy by recycling wastes as valuable materials through our business operation.

Nomura Kohsan’s main plant is located in Hokkaido, where mercury mine had existed been operated. Our strength is mercury recycling technology which was taken over from the mercury mining company.

We can treat any and all sorts of mercury wastes such as dry cell batteries, fluorescent lamps, sludge, activated carbon, mercury reagent, mercury contaminated water and mercury containing measurement.

Not only mercury wastes, but also we treat sodium-sulfur batteries and lithium batteries. We are developing the recycling technology for recovered sodium and lithium.

In addition, we have a strong relationship with neighboring residents through environmental preservation and information disclosure.

Nomura Kohsan constantly seeks ways to prevent the diffusion of environmental responsibility and pursue the effective use of resources.

In addition, we would like to provide mercury treatment know-how and technologies to the world and contribute to an environmentally sound management of mercury wastes and the Minamata Convention on mercury.

Nomura Kohsan believes that any kind of our activities contribute to the global environmental protection and circular economy.

The track record of the total amount of mercury waste and recycle product sales are reported to the board meeting every month.

Nomura kohsan reports the amount of treated mercury waste and their activities to stakeholders every year by publishing the recycling reports.