Japan Partnership for Circular Economy

Japan Partnership for Circular Economy


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Basic values and policies for initiatives towards circular economy

Teijin Frontier Co., Ltd., is the core company of Teijin Group’s Fibers & Products Converting Business Group, and has a wide range of value chain from research and development to manufacturing and trading company functions. Our corporate philosophy is, "We always create new values that contribute to a healthy environment and a prosperous future." We renewed our environmental guidelines in 2020 and promote our business activities under the environmental strategy "THINK ECO".

Market opportunities and our strengths in circular business

We have a corporate message that "Life Evolves with Fibers”. In all aspects of people's lives, "fibers" are utilized, and we believe that it is the value of our existence as a company to evolve people's lives by creating "fibers". Or strength is that we have two functions as a manufacturer / trading company in a wide range of applications from clothing to industrial materials. We can provide solutions that meet the needs of various customers with the comprehensive strength of information, creation, and manufacturing by utilizing these two functions. Through the environmental strategy "THINK ECO", we aim to become a "company that supports the society of the future" and evolve our lives through the creation of manufacturing and systems that are friendly to the global environment.

Our environmental strategy "THINK ECO" has set the following three priority goals.

"Committed to the use of environment-friendly materials." "Committed to maintaining the purity of our oceans and atmosphere." "Committed to an energy-efficient lifestyle." By providing various materials and products by utilizing our unique technologies, we aim to achieve our environmental strategic goals.

Product Samples


We have been selling recycled polyester fiber 「ECOPET」 since 1995. Since we have many years of technical knowledge, we have succeeded in mass production of modified cross section fiber and composite yarns with various functions, and we have also succeeded in mass production of nanofibers with high technical difficulty.

②Marine microplastic countermeasure fabrics

Making full use of the special processing technology of polyester fiber, we develop and produce clothing fabrics that are less likely to generate fiber fragment during washing.

③Resorcinol and Formalin -free, water-based adhesion

For reinforcing fiber applications, we develop and produce fibers with adhesive technology that reduces the environmental burden.

Setting indices/targets for 2030

① “Committed to the use of environment-friendly materials.” Achieved 50% of company-wide sales for products using recycled materials. Achieved 10% of company-wide sales for products using plant-derived materials.

② "Committed to maintaining the purity of our oceans and atmosphere." Achieved 100% product ratio in the production process that does not emit harmful chemical substances into the natural environment.

③ "Committed to an energy-efficient lifestyle." Achieve a 100% product ratio that includes an energy-saving process in some process in the production process.

Implementation system

We have set up a company-wide project team, the THINK ECO Promotion Team, and the entire company is working as one to work toward numerical environmental targets.

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