Japan Partnership for Circular Economy

Japan Partnership for Circular Economy


Basic values and policies on initiatives for a circular economy we take as a company

Since the 2000s, we have been carrying out corporate activities leading to solutions to social issues under our mission to "Contribute to creating an affluent, recycling-oriented society through our business activities worldwide." We have made it clear that we will contribute to the circular economy by recycling metals and other resources with the technologies and expertise cultivated since our founding, aiming to create a sustainable future.

Market opportunities and our strength in recycling-oriented business

We have combined the waste management of our Environmental Management & Recycling Business with the highly efficient metal recovery technology of our Nonferrous Metals Business to form a smelting and recycling complex. In addition, at our three smelters in Akita, smelting residues generated at each are supplied to each other, enabling waste-free metal recovery. Our greatest strength lies in the fact that, using a variety of our processes, we recycle many types of metals from discarded materials that are no longer of use to society.

KPIs and goals

Under the current Midterm Plan which began in FY2018, we have set Vision for 2020 as our midterm goals in four priority areas of our CSR Policy -- that is, governance, safety, the environment, and society. Among them, in the priority area of the environment, we have set strengthening the recycling business -- in particular, recovering as much metallic elements as possible with zero waste -- as a KPI and have been working to achieve it. At present, we are formulating the next midterm plan (FY2022 to FY2024). We are planning to rebuild more aggressive initiatives and goals for contributing further to the circular economy.

Implementation system

To start strengthening our sustainability management in FY2020 and ensure the DOWA Group's sustainable growth once again, we will enhance the sustainability management with our recycling-oriented business model, and in addition, we will build a system for reinforcing the structure of this business model.

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