Japan Partnership for Circular Economy

Japan Partnership for Circular Economy

Circular Economy Association

Circular Economy Association
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Our Vision

We, the Circular Economy Association (CEA), promote the development and implementation of "circular business" to achieve circular economies that are an economic system enabling sustainable development with smart use and the public's strong supports. It provides information and support to companies and organizations in Japan and abroad, as well as to governments and local governments, in order to develop and expand the implementation of new business models that improve resource efficiency and realize cooperation among businesses.

Opportunities and strengths of our business

We focus on the following approaches toward the development and implementation of "circular business".

- To identify what circular economy is and design “circular business” as a circular economy implementation that contributes to achieving circular economies.

- To provide support for organizations and individuals to enhance the implementation of "circular business" and promote collaboration between them.

- To cooperate with relevant organizations worldwide to exchange information for rule-making, which accelerates to achieve circular economies.

Indicators and targets

We aim to encourage the companies to implement "circular business" and have a vision and business plans for circular economy and sustainable development.

Organizational structure and our network

Members of the Circular Economy Association lead the activities and we also cooperate with relevant organizations worldwide.

Our website

Circular Economy Association (CEA) website: