Japan Partnership for Circular Economy

Japan Partnership for Circular Economy

Fujikura Ltd.

Basic values and policies for corporate efforts toward the circular economy

Based on the Fujikura Group Environmental Management Activity Guidelines 5th Edition "Zero Waste Emissions" and the Fujikura Group Environmental Long-Term Vision 2050 "Effective Utilization of Resources and Resource Recycling", we will promote the efficient use of resources and discharge waste from production. To reduce.

The Fujikura Group defines zero waste emissions as "zero direct final disposal and simple incineration of waste discharged from business activities."

Setting indicators / goals

At domestic consolidated companies, we are working toward the goal of (1) improving the basic unit of waste emissions by 1% or more per year compared to fiscal 2015, and (2) continuing zero waste emissions.

Implementation system (from Fujikura Global Environment Charter)

①Organization and operation

Establish an in-house organization and operating system for environmental conservation, with the officer in charge of the environment in charge, and each organization will clarify environmental objectives and goals, and promote systematic and continuous improvement.

②Improvement of environmental management standards and environmental management level

In addition to complying with environmental regulations of the national and local governments, we will set voluntary management standards and strive to further improve the level of environmental management. In addition, we will carry out environmental audits on a regular basis to maintain and improve voluntary management.

③ In business activities

We strive to protect the environment at all stages of our corporate activities, from product development, design, purchasing, production, construction, sales, distribution, and disposal. Furthermore, we will work to save energy, save resources, promote recycling, reduce waste and environmentally hazardous substances, and prevent environmental pollution.

④ Providing appropriate information to customers

Provide product users with information on proper usage, recycling, and disposal methods.

⑤ Contribution to local communities

We will actively participate in conservation activities for the local environment, strive to strengthen mutual understanding and cooperative relationships, and contribute as a member of the local community.

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