Japan Partnership for Circular Economy

Japan Partnership for Circular Economy

Japan Soft Drink Association

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Japan Soft Drink Association Value statement toward circular economy

"To be the global leader in Circular and Ecological Economies by realizing recycling and creation of PET bottles by maximizing resources already available on earth surface"

Strength of Japan Beverage Industry in realizing Circular Economy

・Agreed and implemented voluntary design guideline (as sustainability conscious guideline) of PET bottles in 1992.

・Worked together withcentral and local government in promoting recycling of PET bottles based on the Law for Promotion of Sorted Collection and Recycling of Containers and Packaging that was put into effect from 1995.

・Mono material plastic is easier to recycle. PET bottles are made from mono material called polyethylene terephthalate, which gives advantage to recycling.Recycling technologies are also expected to evolve dramatically in the coming years that will further provide recyclability advantage to PET bottles.

・The industry is not only committed in recycling of PET bottles, but also focused on ensuring reduction efforts are made to the best extent. PET bottles are now 24.8% lighter in weight compared to that in 2004.

・With all the above efforts made by the industry, Japan is proud to state that we are one of the leading countries in used PET bottle collection and recycling rate. Used PET bottle collection rate is 93.0% and PET bottle recycling rate is 85.8%. (2019)

Specific Sustainability Targets stated by the Japan Soft Drink Association

・100% efficient use of used PET bottles by 2030 (declared in 2018)

・50% Bottle-to-Bottle recycling by 2030 (declared in 2021)

Initiative Promotion and Management Structure

Initiatives are promoted and managed with the member companies under the Japan Soft Drink Association platform. Specifically, Sustainability Committee, Vending Machine Committee, 100% Efficient Use Committee, etc., are set within Japan Soft Drink Association to drive the initiatives.

Japan Soft Drink Association also work closely with other sustainability and recycling related organizations to maximize our efforts, such as The Japan Containers and Packaging Recycling Association, The Council for PET Bottle Recycling, Plastic Packaging Recycling Council, etc..

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