Japan Partnership for Circular Economy

Japan Partnership for Circular Economy


Gram Beautique Recycle Program

[Company / organization] AEON RETAIL Co.,Ltd. KOSÉ Corporation Shiseido Company, Limited NIHON L'ORÉAL K.K. The Procter&Gamble Company of Japan Limited TerraCycle Japan,

Basic values and policies for initiatives towards circular economy

TerraCycle Japan, which collects and recycles containers, and four cosmetics and daily necessities manufacturers (Kose, Shiseido, L'Oreal Japan, P & G) collaborate to set boxes for used containers from customers at the "Gram Beautique" sales floor operated by AEON Retail.

Time started (or to be started)

Started from June 4, 2021.

Technology and business model

・ Aeon focuses on daily necessities containers, which are frequently used but difficult to separate and are mostly discarded as garbage, and together with four companies and TerraCycle Japan who agreed with this idea, collect containers across corporate boundaries.

・ Items to be collected: Used containers for skin care, makeup, hair care, and hair color

(We collect used containers from any manufacturer, even if they were bought at stores other than Aeon.)

・ Empty containers collected with the cooperation of customers will be washed and crushed, then recycled into pellets (plastic material), used as new resources, and reborn as shopping baskets and eco-bags.

Achievements and goals

From June 4, 2021, started at cosmetic sales fkoors of 87 stores including"Gram Beautique" in "AEON" and "AEON Style"

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