Japan Partnership for Circular Economy

Japan Partnership for Circular Economy


Reuse & Recycling of IT Assets

[Company / organization] Sojitz Corporation TES-AMM JAPAN K.K.

Project Members’ Roles and Points of Collaboration


IT Asset Disposition (ITAD); reuse and recycling of IT hardware, discarded electronic circuit boards, and other IT assets after effective data sanitization

Sojitz: Establishment of metals and comprehensive resource recycling businesses

Overview of Technology & Business Model

Environmental sustainability and data security have taken on greater importance as the increasing number of aged IT equipment in circulation raises the environmental burden and risk of data leaks. TES JAPAN is a specialized ITAD service provider specially equipped to manage environmental and data security needs. TES JAPAN will be the first company in Japan to implement DDRT* to securely perform on-site services for customers.

* Data Destruction Recycling Truck (DDRT): An on-site truck that ensures greater data security by providing clients with on-site data destruction, including the ability to shred hard disk drives with a 2cm thickness to 2mm. The risk of data leakage is minimized as the data sanitization occurs on the customer’s premises.

Sojitz will partner with TES JAPAN in this business to introduce ITAD services to companies in Japan. TES JAPAN provides world-class IT equipment lifecycle management services, thereby contributing to improvements in client data security. At the same time, Sojitz and TES will help to realize a circular economy by facilitating increased reuse and recycling of IT equipment. In addition, Sojitz’s extensive network will be leveraged in TES Group’s lithium-ion battery recycling and storage battery businesses in order to build a sustainable business model that meets society’s needs.

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