Japan Partnership for Circular Economy

Japan Partnership for Circular Economy


Overseas Development of Infrastructure Maintenance Business

[Company / organization] MITSUI & CO., LTD. SHO-BOND Holdings Co., Ltd.

Members, their roles, and reason for cooperation

SHO-BOND is a domestic leader in comprehensive maintenance support. It is engaged in research and development of construction methods and materials centering on the design and construction of roads, bridges, railways, ports, and buildings. It also manufactures and sells these materials and construction methods.

Mitsui utilizes its overseas business know-how and global network, including a wide range of customers and partner companies, for development of this infrastructure maintenance business abroad.

Time started

In February 2019, Establithment of a joint venture company named SHO-BOND & MIT (SB&M)

* Shareholders of SB&M: SHO-BOND 51%, Mitsui 49%

Technology and business model

As aging infrastructure becomes increasingly a global social issue, demand for preventative maintenance and infrastructure life extension through repair and reinforcement is expected to grow.

With a sense of company mission of “Inheriting social infrastructure in good condition to the next generation ”, SHO-BOND has conducted its business and provided solutions specializing in repairing and reinforcing social infrastructure.

Mitsui and SHO-BOND plan to pursue overseas development of this infrastructure maintenance business by promoting SHO-BOND's comprehensive technical abilities.

Achievement and goal


Development of infrastructure maintenance business in Southeast Asia

(Establishment of a Joint Venture Company in Thailand)


(Goal) Building of overseas infrastructure maintenance business, following the one in Thailand

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