Japan Partnership for Circular Economy

Japan Partnership for Circular Economy


The Circular Economy Lease(CE Lease) provided by Fuyo Lease

[Company / organization] Fuyo General Lease Co.,Ltd.

Start date

April 2023

Description of business model

The Circular Economy Lease (CE Lease) is a lease that promotes the circular economy by setting a residual value and utilizing a clause that allows the property to be returned at the end of the lease.

Fuyo Lease reliably reuses and recycles products that are returned with their use value maintained, thereby extending product life and improving resource recycling.

In addition, a percentage of the value of CE Leases handled is regularly donated to organizations promoting the circular economy, thereby supporting their activities.

By using the CE Lease, customers participate in the product life cycle of the Circular Economy and contribute to its promotion.

We will continue to create opportunities for customers to participate in the Circular Economy in a simple way and contribute to the realization of resource recycling in Japan.

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