Japan Partnership for Circular Economy

Japan Partnership for Circular Economy

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Basic values and policies for initiatives towards circular economy

FP Corporation's basic principle of environmental guideline is "Contribute to realization of sustainable society by harmonizing with the environment with a recognition that conservation and protection of Global Environment is the most critical issue".Based on the principle, we set "Recycling and research and development of alternative materials" as one of its growth strategies.

We strive to realize reduction of GHG emission from the group activities and increase of resource utilization efficiency as well as realizing circular economy along with the company growth in order to achieve its "Carbon offsetting declaration through recycling" with its target year as the end of Mar. 2025.We provide its own eco-products aiming to reduce environmental impact while creating environmental value to our customers.

Market opportunities and our strengths in circular business

It is important to include consumers into the system as well as to implement own technologies and collaborate between industries in order to correspond to changes of demands from customers and society.

FP Corporation's business solution model, which is showing internal collaborations between procurement, R&D, production, distribution, sales and recycling to realize a value chain of reduction of environmental impact and a value chain of providing highly value added products to our customers, is disclosed on its website.

Setting indices/targets

FP Corporation set a target year for "Carbon offsetting declaration through recycling" at FY2025.We believe that the social movements toward carbon neutral and mind shits of customers and consumers toward eco-conscious company activities as good opportunities and set the declaration which aims to realize reduction of GHG emission from the group activities and increase resource utilization efficiency by providing its eco-products.

FP Corporation strives to diversify resources it uses (such as paper and biomass plastics) and to research chemical recycling technologies.

Implementation system

"Carbon offsetting declaration through recycling", a measure to promote sustainability among group companies, was planned and proposed by a collaboration of Environment Management Dept. and Corporate Planning Dept., both directory under the company president.

Above mentioned guidelines and progresses will be periodically reported and published on "FPCO report" and its website.

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