Japan Partnership for Circular Economy

Japan Partnership for Circular Economy


Company’s Basic Values and Policy regarding Circular Economy Initiatives

Thanks to the indispensibility and convenience of the disposable diaper for babies and adults, its usage is increasing around the world every year. Used diapers are difficult to handle because of the amount of sanitation, water content and its weight. Incineration or processing in landfills is expensive and can harm the enviroment by releasing greenshouse gases like CO2 or methane. Tackling issues of processing used diapers, we hope that as a manufacturer of machines we can contribute our abilities and technologies to the creation of a sustainable society.

Market Opportunities and Company’s Strengths in Circular Business

As a manufacturer of machines for the production of disposable diapers, we are conscious of the amount of diapers being disposed around the world. It is our responsibility as a machine manufacturer to concern ourselves with achieving a sustainable system where products are can be made and then recycled after use. We hope to promote and expand the use of these systems around the world. 

Setting KPIs and Goals

Our aim is to provide a total solution from manufacturing machinery for the production of diapers to systems that can recycle used diapers. We are committed to reaching our Sustainable Development Goals, specifically "Responsible Consumption and Production", and "Affordable and Clean Energy."

Implementation Structure

ZUIKO's team of specialists dedicated to the used diaper recycling system is promoting the recycling system to local governments. Eventually, we hope to expand overseas and establish markets in the near future.

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