Japan Partnership for Circular Economy

Japan Partnership for Circular Economy

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Basic policies regarding circular economy

We contribute to the realization of a circular economy through constant technological innovation and value creation by using our "pellet 3D printer" technology, which specializes in upcycling plastic waste.

Market opportunities and company’s strengths in circular business

With the enforcement of the new Plastics Law (Plastic Resource Recycling Promotion Law) from April 2022, local governments, companies, and consumers involved in each part of the lifecycle of plastic products have been strongly required for collaboration and efforts toward plastic recycling. Our "pellet-type 3D printer", which is still rare method in the world, gives value to plastic that was previously disposed of, by printing it into a new shape without a mold, and it can be printed again and again in a different shape after each use. We are confident that by repeating these steps, we can greatly contribute to a circular economy.

We started to sell a series of equipment called the "Recycle Lab System" that crushes and re-pellets plastic waste so that our customers can easily develop the upcycle of plastic waste by 3D printing.

Target setting

We will sell 50 sets of Recycle Lab System by 2025 and work with our customers to develop applications for plastic waste.

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