Japan Partnership for Circular Economy

Japan Partnership for Circular Economy



[Company / organization] Toray Industries, Inc.

Time started

September 2019

Technology and business model

Toray has positioned “&+” as the symbol of a growing public desire for PET bottle recycling activity while doing the marketing to consumers through retailers not Japan but worldwide. It was also targeting to expand the use of high-value-added fibers from PET waste globally.

Combining high-quality materials with Toray’s fiber production technology, it is possible to achieve diverse fabric applications and perfect dye-ability comparable to the fibers materials made directly from petroleum source and also enable the possibility of creating high-value-added fibers that incorporate with traceability technology. One key consideration in cultivating the waste-derived fiber business is to ensure the reliability of raw materials from plastic bottles. Toray therefore created the proprietary Recycling Identification System, which can detect special additives premixed in the raw materials.

Achievements and goals

High-quality recycled materials and proprietary manufacturing technologies enable us to create authentic &+™ fibers with a variety of cross-section profiles to suit a wide range of textile performance and functionality requirements.

From recycling, to upcycling, &+™ embodies a new way of thinking designed to expand recycled fiber use, and realize a sustainable society.

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