Japan Partnership for Circular Economy

Japan Partnership for Circular Economy


Renewable Energy Strategy of Toyota Tsusho

[Company / organization] Toyota Tsusho Corporation

Time started (or to be started)

Renewable energy business of Toyota Tsusho started in the US wind power generation business in 1987m and since then, it has expanded mainly in Europe and the US, and started the business in Japan in 1999, and now has the largest power generation capacity of 3.4GW(gross) in Japan.

We wll contribute to the transition to a zero-carbon society not only in power generation business but also by reducing automotive, manufacturing, and energy plant construction CO2 emissions through the use of clean energy and innovative technologies

Technology and business model

Climate change is a major issue that affects all life on earth.

To tackle this issue, the Toyota Tsusho Group is actively increasing sales of next-generation eco-cars (HVs, PHVs, EVs, and FCVs), developing infrastructure such as hydrogen stations, reducing vehicle weights by using alternate materials, and securing lithium resources that support increased production of the automobile batteries essential for eco-cars. We are also using the knowledge we have accrued through our experience with renewable energy such as wind and solar power together with various innovative technologies to contribute to the realization of a sustainable, low-carbon society by reducing automobile CO2 emissions, cutting CO2 emissions through product life cycles, including the logistics business, and contributing to the elimination of CO2 emissions from plants.

We have built a new type of system, called V2G (Vehicle to Grid) that connects in-vehicle batteries such as eco-cars and smart grids (next-generation power grids that grasp and control the supply and demand of electricity) and we have already commenced the recovery and proper processing of used nickel-metal hydride batteries and lithium ion batteries for hybrid vehicles (HVs)

Achievements and goals


Result Mar.2020 Target Mar.2023

Proportion of renewable energy in the company’s

total electric power generating capacity 39% 55%

Proportion of electrified vehicle (EVs, HVs, and PHVs) sales

in the company’s global sales volume 6% 17%

Expansion of renewable energy business in Africa

Total generating capacity 260MW 760MW

Contribution to CO2 emissions reduction 600,000t/yr 1,700,000t/yr

Sales of products and services that contribute to energy saving and CO2 emissions reduction 177billion Yen 230billion Yen

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